Precision Measurement

Precision measuring tools are essential. We discuss the importance of measurement and accuracy, and we move the students through the various instruments used to accomplish specific tasks: micrometers, calipers, ammeters, multimeters, thermometers, dial indicators, compression gauges, vacuum gauges, torque wrenches, timing wheels and more. Detailed photos and diagrams show you the correct techniques to ensure accurate measurements the first time, and every time!

Learn Blueprint reading and interpreting all types of drawings. An overview of mechanical and construction drawing basics for every aspect of the construction process- from site work, foundations, and structural systems to interior work and finishes.

  • Determining Decimals and Tolerances Covered
  • Using a Twelve-Inch Scale
  • Using a Eight-Inch Caliper
  • Measuring with an Outside Micrometer (0-1) inch
  • Using Ball Gauges with a Micrometer
  • Demonstrating how to add decimals and determine the tolerance of a given number
  • Converting fractions to decimal equivalents by using a Decimal Equivalents Card
  • Using a scale to determine the correct length of several items
  • Using a Six-Inch dial caliper to determine the inside, outside, and depth measurements of various items
  • Using an outside micrometer to measure various items
  • Using ball gauges and a micrometer to measure hole sizes and check for hole size consistency.