Engineered Plastics


We provide a full spectrum of 3D printed parts for all industries. Mostly Automotive, Aerospace and Medical Devices companies. Our 5 years of expertise is concentrated in the Dallas and Detroit areas. The parts manufactured in our facilities are for prototype, production, and customized design solutions.


The purpose of this service to evaluate and demonstrate existing and new technologies in ABS plastic.


Target Market

This service is targeted for supplying cost effective parts for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)’s and Tier 1 Suppliers. This technology is already being supported internally for the larger companies and is not cost-effective for the mid-size and smaller suppliers. CADworks offers this service to the large and small suppliers.


Market Place

In Texas alone, it is estimated by the year 2024 there will be over 1.5 million jobs in STEM related careers. Today the average yearly salaries for computing jobs in Texas, is report at $85,000.