Blueprint Reading

Learn Blueprint reading and interpreting all types of drawings. An overview of mechanical and construction drawing basics for every aspect of the construction process- from site work, foundations, and structural systems to interior work and finishes.

  • Blueprint standards-ANSI, ISO, AWS, and ASME
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided design and drafting
  • Lines, views, elevations, and dimensions
  • Layouts of all construction drawing types-architectural, structural,
    mechanical, and electrical
  • Symbols-materials, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and others
  • Identifying symbols and abbreviations, and much more.
  • Inside This Skills-Building Guide to Construction Drawing Basics


Chapter 1: Blueprint Standards

Chapter 2: Blueprints and Construction Drawings: A Universal Language

Chapter 3: Understanding Line Types

Chapter 4: Understanding Dimensions

Chapter 5: Types of Views

Chapter 6: Layout of Construction Drawings

Chapter 7: Understanding Industrial Blueprints

Chapter 8: The Meaning of Symbols

Chapter 9: Understanding Schedules

Chapter 10: Interpreting Specifications

Chapter 11: Building Codes and Barrier-Free Design

Chapter 12: Construction Business Environment