Adult Training Program Overview


The GET-IT Adult Training program includes Apprenticeships Training, Vocational training, Certification Preps, and On and Offsite Technical Support. The instructor led training will teach students how to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) and engineering software techniques in Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Manufacturing industries.


The purpose of the program is to demonstrate the effectiveness of a specialized technical training program geared to increase participant’s knowledge and skills in STEM areas in a short period of time as well as to encourage a lifetime of work ethics and prosperity amongst the participants.


Target Market

The program is targeted at adults who have a strong passion and interest to learn a new skill or become cross-trained in computer aided three dimensional interactive application (CATIA V5), Solidworks 2015-16, or Pro Engineer CREO to gain employment as an engineering technician.


Market Place

In Texas alone, it is estimated by the year 2024 there will be over 1.5 million jobs in STEM related careers. Today the average yearly salaries for computing jobs in Texas, is report at $85,000.       


The training program will consist of both lecture and labs (hands-on application). There will be one instructor per 8 students in each session. Students will be presented detailed lessons, procedures, along with projects and quizzes to apply what they have learned. After completing the courses, an assessment will be made available for students to test their knowledge and evaluate what topics will need to be reviewed. Upon completion of the total program students will be exposed to the various applications in multiple industries and will have a solid foundation in Computer Aided Design and Engineering. In addition, students will have learned how products are designed for Manufacturing.