3DX Training Curriculum

For All Catia V5/V6 users who want to transition to 3D Experience in one day. Receive personalized training from our certified instructor who will cross train you on the tools you know in Catia V5/V6 and locate them for you in 3D Experience 2017/18X.

  • Learn the Silver Layer (Explore) versus Authoring Layer (Editing)
  • Search for Parts, Assemblies, Shapes, and Drawings in Collaborative Spaces
  • Import CATParts, CATProducts, and CATDrawings and export to 3DXML with Authoring
  • Learn how to Reserve, Un Reserve, and Duplicate Parts, Drawings, and Assemblies
  • Use Design Review to create Exploded Views
  • Learn Business Intelligence (B.I.) Essentials
  • Learn Engineering IP Control for Saving a Product to Part


Chapter 1: Create Sketches and Profiles use Sketch Analysis with Solving Status and Construction Geometry


Chapter 2: Learn Pad, Pocket, Shaft, Groove, Rib, Slot, Multi-Sections Solids, Shell, and Stiffener

Chapter 3: Reference Elements for Lines, Points, and Planes

Chapter 4: Refine Features for Corner Fillets, Chamfers, and Draft

Chapter 5: Feature Management with Parent/Child Relationships and Part Information

Chapter 6: Advanced Dress-Up Features for Variable Fillets

Chapter 7: Parameters and Formulas for Custom Modeling Applications


Chapter 8: Business Intelligence (B.I.) Essentials for Design Intent

Chapter 9: Assembly Design using the New Engineering Connections as 3D Constraints

Chapter 10: Design Review for Slides and Exploded Views

Chapter 11: Save with Options for Team Collaborative Design

Chapter 12: Advanced Modeling Techniques using Generative Wireframe and Surface